Doukki Gel

To approximately 800 m in the North-East of the Western deffufa which marks the heart of the ancient city of Kerma, capital of the country of Kouch, is the archaeological site of Doukki Gel “the red hill”, thus called by Nubian because of the enormous one the kôm of bread moulds which dominates the vestiges. Neglected per G. Reisner after a survey which he judged without much interest, the site became in 1994 concession of the archaeological Mission of Geneva under the direction of Charles Bonnet, then in 2013 of a Mission Swiss-French-Sudanese co-led by Charles Bonnet, Séverine Marchi and Abd el-Rakhman Ali Mohamed, director of the National Corporation for Antiquities and Natural history musea.


Legend : Period Kerma – Thoutmosis 1st – meroitic napatéenne and meroitic – contemporary Time