Abdel Rahman Ali Mohammed


Abdel Rahman Ali Mohammed Rahma
Place of Birth Kuttum, Northern Darfur State, Sudan.
Date of Birth 1961
Nationality Sudanese
E-mail :  abdelrahman249@hotmail.com


1989 B.Sc. (Honours). College of Natural Resources and Environmental Studies.  University of Juba
2002 Master Degree :Diplôme d’études approfondies en archéologie.    Université de Charles De Gaulle Lille 3.
2007 Ph. D: Titre de la thèse:  Carrières et travail de la pierre dans les monuments aux époques napatéenne et méroitique dans la vallée du Nil moyen, Université Charles de Gaulle-Lille III. Mention Très Honorable avec les félicitations de Jury.

Professional Experience

1988-1989 Teacher of physics and mathematics at Karrari High Secondary School.
1989 Assistant Antiquities Officer at the Sudan Antiquities Service
1992 Antiquities Officer.
1994-1996 Antiquities Inspector.
1998 First Antiquities Inspector
2000 Senior Antiquities Inspector
2003 Assistant for the Director of the Fieldwork
2003-2011 Director of Sudan Museums
2012 Acting Director General of the National Corporation for Antiquities and Museums
2013-up to now Director General.

Fieldwork and Professional Experience

1. Participation in a Rescue Excavation at Umm Ruweim.
2. Participation in the First Archaeological Reconnaissance Surveys of the Fourth Cataract, organised by the General Directorate of Antiquities and Museums.
3. Participation in the archaeological excavation of the British Institute in East Africa

1. Participation in the topographic surveys of Kabashi site with the University of Rome.
2. Direction of Archaeological Reconnaissance Survey of the Fourth Cataract.

1991 Participation in the archaeological Surveys of the Napatan Region (the joint Mission of the University of Cassino and NCAM).

1992-2001 Participation in the excavation of the necropolis of Hillat el Arab.

1993 Participation in the feasibility studies of the area of the proposed Merowe Dam Project.

1994 Participation in the archaeological excavations of El Hobagi with the French Unit

1994 Participation in a rescue excavation at Soba East

1995  Geomorphological study of Kadruka Basin

1996 Co-direction of a training excavation for the students of the University of Dongola at Gebel Kulgeili

1997 Participation in the archaeological survey of the northern Artery Highway (Omdurman Goubolab Ganati) with Sudan Archaeological Research Society Mission

1998 Co-direction of training excavations for students of the University of Dongola (Gebel Kulgeili).

1999 Direction of a reconnaissance survey of Amara el Nassri (Gazera State).

2000 Direction of a rescue excavation at Amara el Nassri

2001-2003 Participation in the archaeological Activities of the Fourth Cataract Region.

1990-2003 General Prospect ion of Archaeological Sites all over the Sudan.

2006 Administrative supervision and Preparation of display concept for Merowe Nyala Museum.

2008 Administrative supervision of Kerma Museum.

2010 Administrative supervision and preparation of display concept for the New Merowe Museum.

2010 Administrative supervision and preparation of display concept for the Bank of Sudan Museum.

2011-2014 Administrative supervision and preparation of display concept for Bordein open Air Museum near the Mahdi’s Fort, Gazira Museum

Since 2011-2016 Part time Lecturer at :
1. Faculty of Hotel Management and Tourism, Sudan International University.
2. Faculty of Art, Nylain University
3. University of Khartoum, Institute of Environmental Studies


2012 Palmes Académiques ; Chevalier


1993 Participation in a workshop on sandstone conservation organized by Goethe Institute in the Sudan National Museum.

1994 A course on application of georadar on archaeological prospection at the Italian Council of Research

1995 A course on application of topographic methods archaeological prospection at the Soperintendeza Archeologica di Roma

1996 Museum Studies Course at the Royal Ontario Museum (Canada).1997UNESCO fellowship on the methodology of African Archaeology (Poland)

2002 A course on post excavation analysis, prepublication methods and principles of GIS at the British Museum

2003 Participation in the Organisation of the Sudan Ancient Treasures Exhibition with the Department of Ancient Egypt and Sudan.

2011 Seminar for Senior Museums Management Personnel of Developing Countries sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce (Academy of International Business Officials (15/11-5/12/2011)

2012 Prehistory Workshop at Bahrain

2014 World Heritage Workshop at Bahrain2016 Suakin Workshop at Sharjah


Member of the Sudan Archaeology Society (Sudan).
Member of the Sudan Archaeological Research Society (London).
Member of the International Society for Nubian Studies.
Member of the Society of Africanist Archaeologists  (SAFA).
Member of the Sudanese French Society
Member of the Society of Meroitic Studies.
Member of the International Commission of the later Prehistory of North East Africa.
Member of the Council of the Islamic Heritage
Member of Scientific Board of the Qatar-Sudan Archaeological Project

Participation in the organization of international Exhibitions

2003, 2004, 2005 Sudan Ancient Treasures, British Museum, London.Sudan Ancient Treasures, Bose Museum, Darham.Sudan Ancient Treasures,  Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

2006 Arts of Africa, Grimalidi Forum Monaco

2008 Queens of Egypt, Grimaldi Forum Monaco

2010 Naga The City of Lions Exhibition. Munich. Germany

2011 Meroe Exhibition, Louvre Museum International Conferences

1994 Nubian Studies Conference (Lille)

1996 Society of Africanists Archaeologists (Poznan),

1998 Nubian Studies conference (Boston).

2002 Society of Africanists Archaeologists  (Cambridge)

2004 Meroitic Studies Conference, Paris.

2006 Nubian Studies Conference, Warsaw.

2007 Colloquium in the Memory of F.W. Hinkel, Berlin.

2008 Meroitic Studies Conference, Vienna

2010 Nubian Studies Conference, London.

2011 Museum Theft Response Plan, Workshop organized by the UNESCO, Oman, Jordon 11-15 June 2011.

2011 Participation in the Conference of the Origin and Early Development of food producing Cultures in North Eastern Africa, Poznan, Poland, 3-7 July 2011.

2012 UNESCO Expert meeting on the protection of museums and collections, Brazil. Rio de Janeiro 2012.

2013 Regional Meeting of World Heritage Focal Points of the Arab States / Manama, Bahrain, 24 to 26 November 2013.

2013 Common Aims: International Cooperation in the Field of Archaeology in the Republic of Sudan:  A workshop organized in Munich Museum. 28th of September 2013. Munich.


External Examiner of :
3.   Ph. D Thesis – University of Khartoum
1. Master Degree University of Khartoum
1. Mater Degree – University of Dongola
1. Master Degree -Sudan Technical University (Faculty of Fine Arts)
1. Master Degree- University of Sudan Technical University.

Public lectures

Lecture in Rome
Lecture in Malaysia on the occasion of the 60th Anniversary of the Independence of Sudan.
Lecture in Russia

Main Responsibilities

Management of Antiquities and Museums in the Republic of the SudanDirection of the international collaboration in the field of archaeology.
Establishment of new museums (regional and specialized).
Organization of national and international exhibitions.
Coordination with the National the International Archaeological Missions in the field of archaeology to organize salvage operations and campaign for the archaeological cultural heritage endangered by developments projects  (dams, highways, pipelines).
Promotion of Sudan’s archaeological heritage nationally and internationally.
UNESCO focal point for culture.
Head of the committee of culture at the Sudanese National Commission for UNESCO.
Part time lecturer at : (A) Dongola University teaching fieldwork techniques for the students of archaeology, (B) International University teaching ancient history and archaeology of the Sudan (C) University of Khartoum (Institute of Environmental Studies teaching Environmental Archaeology, (D) EL Neilain University teaching Current research trends and discoveries in the archaeology of the Sudan and a course on principles of geology for archaeologists.


Direction of the rescue campaign of heightening Roseries Dam.
Establishment of digital documentation centre at the Sudan National Museum.
Establishment of El Gazera Museum for Archaeology and Ethnography 2014.
Co-direction of the Merowe Dam Salvage archaeology.
Participation in the organization of international exhibitions illuminating Sudan Ancient Cultures abroad: (A) Sudan Ancient Treasure 2003 (B) Sudan Ancient Treasures Abu Dhabi 2005 (C) Meroe Exhibition, Louvre Museum 2010 (D).
Administrative supervision and designing display concept  for : (A) Meroe Museum 2009,  (B) Bank of Sudan Museum, 2010 (C) Bordein Open Air Museum 2011 (D)  EL Gezira Museum 2014.
Co-editor of three booksTranslator of two BooksEnvironmental Impact Assessment evaluation for Roseries Dam.
UNESCO fellowship on the Methodology of African Archaeology, Poznan, Poland 1997.


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